Introducing Go Box 1

Today we're proud to announce the newest and smallest member of the Go Box family: the Go Box 1.

The Go Box 1 is ideal for any situation where space is tight. Stage managers in front of their prompt books, multi-tasking operators sitting at the light console, and event producers who need to keep one thumb on the GO button while standing at the back of the tech booth will all appreciate the light weight, small form factor, and eyes-free operation of the Go Box 1.

An aluminum shell, professional USB connector, and one of our standard top-quality buttons provide solid performance for one million clicks and beyond, and the optional three meter Neutrik® locking USB cable guarantees a connection so you can keep your attention on your show where it belongs.

Order your Go Box 1 today.

Posted on February 23, 2016 .

Go Box 6 Revised

After a summer of tinkering and adjusting, we're proud to announce the revised Go Box 6.

The new model uses the same type of two-piece die-cast aluminum enclosure as the Go Box 4, powdercoated in a glossy, sparkly black. This type of enclosure has proven to be easier to assemble than the extruded aluminum enclosure we used earlier, and the walls of the enclosure are much thicker which increases durability and gives the Go Box a little more heft to help prevent it from sliding around on your desk.

We've also added soft blue LED indicators on the rear panel, next to the connectors, to give a positive confirmation that connection has been made to each computer. The LEDs are diffused and kept very dim to prevent unwanted attention, and they're placed on the rear of the unit to help minimize the number of bright glowing things in the operator's eyes.

Finally, the quality of the powdercoating, gloss finish, and silkscreening on this type of enclosure is quite superior to the old version.

Overall, we're really happy with this revision, and we think you will be too.

Posted on August 26, 2015 .

We are Go for Go Box.

Great news!

We've found an alternate supplier for the buttons for Go Box 4 and Go Box 6. The new supplier is easily able to keep up with high volume demands, and as an added bonus, the new buttons boast an even better rating than the old ones; they're guaranteed to at least 1,000,000 clicks.

We've taken delivery of our initial order, and we are ready to start shipping the Go Box 4 and Go Box 6 effective immediately.

Order your Go Box right here.

Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under Announcements.

Introducing Go Box

What is Go Box?

It's four premium buttons designed to connect your fingertips directly to QLab. Mouse buttons can flake out, space bars sometimes need you to hit them at the right angle, and MacBook keyboards even go to sleep and miss keypresses. None of these guarantee you a perfect show. Plus, if QLab isn't the frontmost app on your Mac's screen, or if you're in the midst of editing a cue name or output level when it's time to take a cue, your spacebar can't help you, and your mouse might not be in the right place. Go Box is a direct connection, so no matter what else is going on with your Mac, you're still ready.

Solving The Tech Table Problem

Here's the problem: you've got a QLab system in the booth, and a KVM extender or a screen sharing session to bring control out to the tech table in the house. Everything is working great, except you have to negotiate with your operator about who is "hands on" at any given moment. If you're making an adjustment during a standby, your operator needs to wait for you to finish before grabbing the mouse, or ensure that you're finished with your edit before hitting the spacebar. With Go Box, the operator is standing by.

Unlock The Playback Position

By unlocking the playback position from the selection, you enable a world of collaboration. The operator can be standing by on one cue while the designer or assistant is editing a different cue. Go Box allows you to fully unlock this potential by giving the operator a control that is tied to the playback position, not the selection. This means more edits without holding for them. Which means more tech time spent working and not waiting.

Four or Six

The Go Box 4 is four buttons connected to a single computer, but we're going to be bringing the Go Box 6 out just as soon as we can. Two more buttons (some folks might use them for pause all/resume all, some folks might use them for preview and load...) and a double interface to make setting up a backup Mac as easy as can be. All that will be coming real soon.

Order your Go Box 4 right here.

Posted on February 1, 2015 and filed under Announcements.