Go farther.

Today we're pleased to introduce the Go Box Rover, a secure, robust, dependable wireless version of our popular Go Box 4.

go box rover and lander hero crop.jpg

The Rover connects to its companion, the Lander, using an ISM packet radio which requires no license, pairing, or setup of any kind, and which has better range, higher reliability, and dramatically lower latency than wi-fi or Bluetooth.

The Rover has an internal 1200 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer battery which lasts all day; around 12 hours or more. It charges using a micro USB connector, the same kind found on most cell phones. You can plug it to a USB port on a computer, a cell phone charger, or any other USB power supply. In standby mode, the Rover's battery lasts for weeks.

The Lander has a small OLED display, inset to stop it from throwing light all over the place, which shows the Rover's battery voltage, signal strength, and button-press indicators for the Rover. It connects to your Mac over USB and sends regular USB-MIDI messages, just like a wired Go Box.

Both the Rover and the Lander use the same tough die-cast aluminum shells as the Go Box 4 and Go Box 6, powder coated in a lovely cosmic purple sparkle.

The Go Box Rover is available for pre-order starting today, and will ship by mid October.

Order your Go Box Rover here.

Posted on September 28, 2017 .