Introducing the Go Box Mini

Introducing the Go Box Mini, the world's best wired compact remote for your QLab® rig, Ableton Live® setup, ETC Ion®, or any other MIDI controllable system.

The Go Box Mini replaces the Go Box 6, trusted by professional theaters, cruise ships, and the Pyongchang Olympics, as a smaller and lower cost option for folks who don't need the eleven buttons or locking connectors of the Go Box Prime. The Go Box Mini offers six buttons, each rated for a lifetime of around one million clicks, making sure that your cues happen on time, every time.

The Go Box Mini has two USB Micro-B connectors, each driven by an independent microcontroller. This allows you to control two devices simultaneously with absolute precision. We selected Micro-B connections to keep the size and cost as low as possible, but not all Micro-B connectors are created equal. Ours are through-hole mounted for maximuim durability and reliability.

As with all Team Sound products, the Go Box Mini is backed with a lifetime of email support.

The Go Box Mini is available today. Get yours here.

Posted on September 9, 2019 and filed under Announcements.