These go to eleven.

Introducing the Go Box Prime, the premiere wired remote for your QLab® rig, Ableton Live® setup, ETC Ion®, or any other MIDI controllable system.

Built on the same foundation as our Go Box 4 and 6, trusted by professional theaters, cruise ships, and the Pyongchang Olympics, the Go Box Prime offers eleven precision Cherry MX keyswitches, each rated for a lifetime of 50 million clicks, making sure that your cues happen on time, every time.

Each key sends one MIDI note when pressed, and a separate MIDI note when held down for 1 second, giving you a total of 22 assignable MIDI messages for unprecedented control over your system. We feel Nigel would approve.

The Go Box Prime has two rugged, locking USB connectors, or one USB connector and one 5-pin DIN MIDI connector, each driven by an independent microcontroller. This allows you to control two devices simultaneously with absolute precision. If you run a redundant rig, there is no better way to operate it than with the Go Box Prime.

As with all Team Sound products, the Go Box Prime is backed with a lifetime of email support.

The Go Box Prime is available for pre-order today, and will begin shipping by mid May.

Order your Go Box Prime right here.

Posted on April 23, 2018 .