Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Go Box use MIDI channel 16?

Because the Go Box's MIDI channel is not user-configurable, we wanted to pick a channel that you're not likely to be using for something already. Most MIDI gear defaults to channel 1, some defaults to channel 10, and so we chose channel 16.


What exactly do you mean by "Made In Brooklyn"?

Brooklyn is where the invention, assembly, programming, testing, and shipping happens.

Before that, the parts come from all over: Go Box 4, 6, and Rover enclosures are die cast in China and then milled and powder coated in Oklahoma, USA. Go Box 1 enclosures and Neutrik® connectors are made in Liechtenstein. Go Box 6 PCBs are manufactured in Oregon, USA. The buttons, microcontrollers, and small parts are all made in various places around the USA.

Our groovy stickers and buttons are made by Sticker Mule.