About Team Sound

Team Sound is founded on the idea that good theater deserves good technology, regardless of operating budget. We provide affordable, reliable, no-nonsense show control hardware so that customers can create perfect shows, night after night.

Satisfied customers include the Los Angeles PhilharmonicFive Ohm Productions, Feld EntertainmentClassic Stage Company, Theater for a New Audience, SoHo RepertoryAntimatter Collective, and Fordham University.


Sam Kusnetz

Product Design & Engineering

Sam is a sound designer, projection designer, composer, and photographer with over twenty years working in theater.


Alana Jacoby

Mission Specialist

Alana is a writer, musician, lighting designer, chess teacher, and an expert on colors.

rocket QA.png


Quality Assurance

When he's not overseeing Go Box production, Rocket enjoys spending his time chasing squirrels, trying to befriend cats, and sitting on benches. @rocket.puppy