The Go Box is the best way to run your show.

Go Box 4
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Solid, professional, dependable.

The Go Box is a USB MIDI remote designed for use with QLab® or any other software that can receive MIDI messages. Top-quality buttons each send separate MIDI messages instantly, giving you perfect, intuitive control of your show.


Built to last.

Go Boxes are made with the best available components. The cases are tough, powder coated aluminum. The buttons are premium long-life industrial switches rated at a minimum one million cycles. Even the USB jacks are best-in-class Neutrik® locking connectors. The result is a road-ready, practically indestructible device that won't let you down.


Sized to fit.

Four, six, or eleven buttons. Dual USB or wireless. Choose the Go Box that’s right for your budget and your booth. 

No drivers needed.

Nothing to install, nothing to keep up to date, and nothing to worry about.


Backed for life.

Each Go Box comes with free, responsive, helpful email support for as long as you own it. Physical failures of any kind are backed with an unconditional one-year free replacement warranty.


Standby for a better standby.

Order yours right here.

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